Preview stunning designs for your next home project

Share a photo of your home and a few details about the changes you want to make, and we’ll show you exactly how it will look in clear detail.

Remove the guesswork, be confident in your decisions, and get the home you really want.


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What will it look like?

From decision paralysis

Should I use 8” or 16” spacing between battens? Birch Tree or Weathered Cliffs for my white? You can start to doubt yourself looking at small samples all day. Without a clear picture, bad decisions can lead to some expensive buyer’s remorse.

To decision confidence

HOVER Design Services lets you see exactly what your home will look like with the changes you’re planning without paying a designer. Don’t stop at one style, see and compare multiple options to have confidence in your decisions.


You get variations to explore

Our fresh, personalized home designs will have you rethinking what's possible!

Need help with ideas?

With just a few samples of what inspires you and a couple of questions, we can design recommended looks for your home.

Have products in mind?

See what products and pairings of materials and textures look like before you spend a dime on construction.

Inspired customer projects



“We saw the rendering from Hover… and we were like, oh that actually looks really good, maybe the shingles would work for us. It helped us open up to the idea of mixing and matching different things, because otherwise we were just going to go with all one thing.”




Visualizing your home in only 4 simple steps

Take a photo

Share an image (or blueprint) of your home with us.

Tell us about your style

Take our style quiz and give us some project details.

Get your designs

We craft personalized designs of your home.

Show it off

Send to your friends, family, contractor to get feedback.

Don't worry, you don't have to get it right the first time!

Once you have received your Renderings you can provide your feedback to get the look and curb appeal you're after.


Take the first step to getting confidence in your project.

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